Don’t let quality and load issues harm your business

and generic tools slow you down


How do you benefit
Have your testing done on time and within the budget, reducing the testing effort by more than 50% compared to generic tools.

Be vendor independent - lower the cost of ownership and avoid proprietary lock-in

Have a reliable partner to help you identify and resolve functional and performance issues
What do we offer
Optimized testing strategy

Increased efficiency in test scripting and execution via accelerators, tailored to the system-under-test

Proven expertise on advanced functional and performance testing and issue solving

Integration with Temenos T24, Oracle Flexcube, etc.
Who we are
Our team has extensive professional experience in the field of automated testing - architecture, development and consulting.

We have a proven track record of successful projects all over the world in core banking, internet banking, e-commerce and telecommunications.

Our motto “Test in Partnership” expresses our firm belief that close cooperation with all parties is the only path to success!

Automated Testing Solutions

Load Partner
Performance Testing Framework
Load Partner is an end-to-end solution for performance and load testing, built on top of proven open source technologies such as JMeter, MySQL and Jenkins.

Load Partner's advanced capabilities enable complex testing scenarios and better simulate real-world load patterns.
Quality Partner
Functional Testing Framework
Quality Partner is an end-to-end solution for functional testing, built on top of proven open source technologies such as Selenium, Robot Framework, MySQL and Jenkins.

Quality Partner's advanced capabilities enable complex testing scenarios and better cover functional risks.
Who it’s for

Testing with Quality and Load Partner would benefit businesses relying on the flawless operation - core, internet and mobile banking (Temenos T24, Oracle Flexcube, etc.), telecommunications and e-commerce.

Our solutions can be used throughout the entire product lifecycle - development, implementation and production.

How we can work together

Don't let vendor arm-twisting put at risk

the project, budget and deadlines

Know-How Transfer
We deliver an extended hands-on training and support your team during the ongoing project.
Joint Testing Project
A joint project would start first with a scope elaboration and training of your team. The work on scripting, execution, analysis and reporting can be split in a way appropriate to you - e.g. 30/70, 50/50 or 70/30.
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Testing as a Service
We can be a contractor/ subcontractor in an end-to-end performance testing project.

Contact Us